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Bicycle Box, Neighbourhood Locker & P+R; Big Parkings (§Use of the parking facility, and following)

Assignment of a parking spot and general principles

The parkings are intended for cyclists who frequently use their bicycles as means of transport and who have a real need for a controlled-access parking space.

a. Parking spots are assigned as a function of the date of the application, with earlier applications having priority, and the distance between the user’s place of residence (or the point of interest specified in My Account) and the parking facility. Unless an exception is made, this distance should be no more than 200m.

b. Each user is assigned a particular spot in the parking facility. The spot is specified in My Account. As a rule, the spots are numbered from 1 to X, going from left to right, depending on the number of bikes in a given parking facility.

c. It is up to parking.brussels to decide on the numbering, and the numbering can be modified, revised or eliminated, if necessary.

d. The parking facility is not intended for long term storage. If a spot is not being used or is being used very infrequently, parking.brussels reserves the right to cancel the subscription and to remove the bicycle in question, or to have it removed .

e. The user is conscious of the fact that the parking facility is shared with other users and also acknowledges that the spot does not permanently belong to him or her.

Modification of the terms and conditions and cancellation of the subscription

a. parking.brussels has the right to modify the present terms and conditions unilaterally. If this occurs, parking.brussels cannot be required to pay the user compensation for any reason whatsoever. The user can, however, cancel his or her subscription, effective immediately, if he or she does not wish anymore to commit to respecting the terms and conditions after such a modification.

b. The user can terminate his or her subscription at any time, without cause, by contacting parking.brussels.

c. If this occurs, parking.brussels will reimburse the subscription overpayment to the user on a prorated basis, taking into account the remaining full months.

d. The user is required to free the parking spot before the end of the notice period (or the end of the subscription period). Otherwise, parking.brussels reserves the right to remove the bicycle in question, or to have it removed .

e. parking.brussels has the right to terminate the subscription without notice, if the user fails to respect the terms and conditions.

Subscription payment, renewal, suspension

a. The subscription payment and payment of the key deposit (if any) are made exclusively online at cycloparking.brussels.

b. The subscription to a spot in a parking facility is renewed, if the renewal invoice sent on the expiration date is paid by the deadline specified on it.

c. In case of non-renewal, suspension or termination: the overpayment of the annual subscription fee will be reimbursed by parking.brussels on a prorated basis, taking into account the full months remaining (the user is required to pay for any month that has already started).

Access device and key deposit

a. The user will receive an access device (key, key card or some other sort of device) for the parking facility (if required, depending on the parking’s system), once the subscription payment and the key deposit have been received by parking.brussels.

b. In case the device is lost, stolen or damaged, the user is required to inform parking.brussels immediately. A new device will be issued upon payment of a new key deposit.

c. If the parking facility has been equipped with a different access device that is not being provided by parking.brussels (e.g., a transport card like MOBIB or another card or a mobile app that is available to the public), then the initially paid key deposit will be reimbursed to the user in exchange for the original device; the user will be required personally to acquire the new device in question and to communicate the device ID (for instance, a cellphone number in the case of a mobile app) to parking.brussels, in order to ensure the best possible continuity of service.

d. The user is prohibited from replicating or modifying the access device, whatever it is.

e. In addition, the user is prohibited from sharing the access device with third parties.

Use of the parking facility

a. The right to use the spot is granted to the user in his or her name and on a temporary basis, so that he or she can park one, and not more than one, bicycle of standard size.

b. The aim of the parking facilities is to support “soft,” environmentally-friendly forms of mobility, and hence the normal use of the parking facility presupposes that the user actually makes use of his or her bicycle. Using the parking facility for long-term storage of a bicycle is not permitted.

c. In order the ensure that the parking facility is used in a way that interferes neither with other users nor with the its correct functioning, the bicycle should be fully contained within the facility when locked to its spot’s rack, without hindering the opening or closing of the facility nor the bicycles of the other occupants from entering or leaving it; the parking facility has been designed for standard size bicycles. Baskets and/or bike bags, baby seats and/or other standard accessories are permitted, as long as they do not hinder the parking, entry and exit of other bikes. The user, whether he or she has such accessories or not, undertakes to respect this principle in a cooperative spirit and to adapt as a function of the different arrangements of the parking facility over time.

d. Any possible bags, accessories, child seats and baskets will always be securely and properly attached to the bicycle.

e. parking.brussels is authorized, at any time and without prior request or warning, to remove any bicycle and any other object that does not respect point c above. Should it do so, parking.brussels cannot be held responsible in case of damage, loss or theft of the bicycle and/or other objects thus removed.

f. The user may not rent his or her spot to third parties or authorize them to use the spot. Sub-leasing is strictly prohibited.

g. The user may neither carry out any modification of the existing equipment, nor have such modification carried out. Any damage will be repaired at the expense of the user.

User’s obligations

a. The user undertakes to use the parking facility responsibly and acknowledges that the facility is neither guarded nor monitored.

b. The user is thus required to close and lock the parking facility correctly after using it. When leaving the parking facility, he or she is required, in his or her own interest and in the interest of other users, to verify and to make sure that the facility has been correctly closed and locked.

c. The user is required to secure his or her bicycle inside the parking facility, using a chain lock or a high-quality U-lock anti-theft device locked to the existing bike racks.

d. The user undertakes not to damage or move the bicycles in the parking facility.

e. The user is required to inform parking.brussels about any damage to, degradation of or malfunctioning of the parking facility.

f. The user undertakes to use the parking facility carefully and to ask for assistance from parking.brussels, if the facility is not working or there is a technical problem.

Availability of the parking facility

a. parking.brussels has the right to obtain access to the parking facility at any time.

b. In the event operations are undertaken that require the parking facility to be empty or if the parking facility is damaged in such a way as to put the safety of bicycles and users at risk, the user shall be obligated to remove his or her bicycle from the parking facility for the required length of time. If the user fails to do so, parking.brussels reserves the right to remove the bicycle at his or her risk and expense.

c. In such cases, the user will not be provided any compensation; on the other hand, parking.brussels undertakes to reimburse the user by monthly installments of the subscription, starting from when the parking facility has been unavailable for 10 consecutive days (12 days = 1 month; 1 month and 6 days = 1 month reimbursed, etc.).

Responsibility, disputes

a. The user bears sole responsibility, releasing parking.brussels completely from responsibility and indemnifying it against any possible claims, for any harmful consequences that could occur either to his or her bicycle or to his or her person, to parking.brussels or to a third party, due to the use (whether wrongful or not) of the parking facility or of his or her bicycle.

b. The user acknowledges that the subscription to the spot in the parking facility does not discharge him or her of responsibility for the safekeeping and protection of his or her bicycle and that he or she remains solely and entirely responsible for its use during the whole term of the subscription agreement.

c. During the whole term of the subscription agreement, parking.brussels cannot be held responsible in case of theft of the bicycle. For informational purposes, it should be noted that some insurance companies offer extensions of residential insurance to cover bicycle theft inside bike parks. We encourage the user to inquire about this.

d. In case of dispute, the courts of the arrondissement of Brussels shall have sole jurisdiction.

Change of address or contact details

The user undertakes to communicate any change in his or her identifying information, contact details or residence by e-mail at cycloparking@parking.brussels.

Technical aspects of the use of the parking facility

parking.brussels undertakes to inform the user about the technical aspects of using the parking facility, as well as about when it is open and when it is closed. Explanatory videos are posted in the FAQ section of the cycloparking.brussels website.


Please do contact us on weekdays from 9am to 5pm:

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