Share your garage with your neighbour!


There are two options for making your garage/space available to cyclists in your neighbourhood.

1. You wish to make your garage/space available to cyclists, according to your conditions:

You are free to propose a differentiated rate (e.g. standard bike versus cargo bike, if the space allows access to special bikes). We register your garage/space on the Cycloparking platform which will serve as a showcase. Your location is visible on the map and cyclists are likely to contact you.

You therefore agree that your email and/or phone number may be visible on the site. You manage the resulting relationship with the cyclists in your neighbourhood yourself.

The price set at regional level is €5 per month or €60 per year per standard bike (€120 for a cargo bike). You are not bound to this price, but we recommend you request a reasonable charge per bike.

Our team will check the details before publication. Cycloparking cannot be held liable for any ensuing situation.

What are the characteristics of a good and secure bike park?

– Access must be protected and only possible for authorised persons (via key, badge, numerical keypad, etc.);
– Users of the car park must not be able to enter other private areas within the same property;
– The space must be easily accessible from public roads (sufficient door width, no stairs, etc.);
– The car park must have sufficient fixed attachment points for users to lock their bike.

For a better user experience, the following elements can also be envisaged:

– The attachment points should be high enough to secure the frame and wheel (bike rack or inverted U);
– The individual parking spaces should be set up with enough room to manoeuvre the bikes comfortably without banging other bikes or the walls;
– The possibility to leave accessories on site is an asset (child seats, helmets, panniers, bike pumps, etc.);
– It is recommended to display house rules: after all it is your space.


2. You wish to make your garage/space available to cyclists, according to Cycloparking ‘s conditions:

Cycloparking offers to rent your empty garage/space to people in your neighbourhood for a fixed monthly rent that is within the average price of the neighbourhood.

A standard bike subscription is €60/year and a cargo bike subscription is €120/year. You must have a free parking space.

Cycloparking takes charge of the installation of access management equipment (opening with badges), the bicycle racks and manages individuals’ subscriptions by assigning them a space.

An occupancy agreement (please note, not a rental or commercial lease!) is signed between the owner of the garage/space and Cycloparking (under the umbrella of This agreement may be terminated by the owner or at any time (subject to notice). Obviously, we prefer the longest possible duration, in order to provide a sustainable service to users.


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