Frequently Asked Questions

⓵ Parkings & Subscription Options

The bicycle boxes are intended for local residents: regular cyclists who do not have any place to park their bicycle other than on the street. 

Please be sure to read carefully before requesting a spot: Terms and Conditions

These parkings are not longterm storage spaces for a bicycle that is not being used. The goal is to promote bicycle use in the Brussels-Capital Region and to encourage people to use their bicycles as frequently as possible. 

Cyclists who have somewhere to park their bicycles at home, in a garage or in a private facility should understand and respect this principle. 

The Park & Ride (P+R) facilities are used to park a bicycle near a metro or pre-metro station or a Park & Ride.

at Hermann-Debroux
in Crainhem, etc.

Please be sure to read carefully before requesting a spot: Terms and Conditions

These parkings are not longterm storage spaces for a bicycle that is not being used. The goal is to promote bicycle use in the Brussels-Capital Region and to encourage people to use their bicycles as frequently as possible. 

GP01 BOURSE – Info + Access Map

GP02 DE BROUCKÈRE – Info + Access Map

GP03 CERIA-COOVI – Local Map from STIB here – take Metro Exit ②

For Whom ?

A. Secure zones accessible to cyclists subscribed to the Big Parkings – via My Account using this button:

B. And to cyclists subscribed to a bicycle box or a P+R and who have a MoBIB card (to be specified in My Account): access to the Big Parkings is included.


Internal Rules apply for Bourse and De Brouckère! As well as Terms and Conditionsfor Bourse, De Brouckère and Ceria.(§ Use of the parking, and the following)


1 person, 1 bicycle, for 1 year: €30

De Brouckère + Bourse + Ceria, Access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Non-refundable, no deposit, MoBIB card required

For information on how to obtain a MoBIB card from STIB/MIVB, click here


1 bicycle, 1 spot, for 1 year€60

+ deposit €0 or €20 * (see below)

Bicycle = a standard adult size bicycle.

Subscription refundable in increments of €5 per month that has not yet started in case of cancellation.

Access to Big Parkings included (MoBIB card to be entered in My Account).


The parkings do not all have the same system of access! You will find out about your system when you subscribe. Here are the details:


Only 1 key or 1 key card provided per subscription. Deposit refunded once the key or key card is returned in good condition (at the end of a subscription). 


Some parkings and bicycle boxes are compatible with the Airkey mobile application. This possibility is noted when you receive the offer of a spot.

Your mobile phone is your access key (no deposit).


Some parkings and bicycle boxes are compatible with a MoBIB card. This possibility is noted (or not) when you receive the offer of a spot.

You have decided to use your MoBIB card? You enter your MoBIB number in My Account. And you do not pay a deposit.

For information on how to obtain a MoBIB card from STIB/MIVB, click here

The spots available for cargo bikes and special bikes are still limited, but are evolving…based on your requests. Specify your address or your addresses in My Account so that your needs are mapped appropriately.


For information on how to obtain a MoBIB card from STIB/MIVB, click here

1 person, 1 cargo bike, for 1 year: €30

Bourse Access 7 days a week during opening hours of the station (closed between 1am and 5am)

Ceria Access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (in the same subscription)

Non-refundable, no key deposit, MoBIB card required.


BXR1 Nancy-Marolles: €120  / year / cargo bike

Cargo Box in Jette rue Vandenschrieck: €60  / year / cargo bike

Neighborhood locker in Auderghem (Montagne de Sable) : €60  / year / cargo bike

⓶ I Want a Parking Space

You should:

1. use the parkings regularly! (NO bikes that do not move)

2. respect a few rules:

Bicycle boxes, neighborhood lockers: Terms and Conditions

P+R : Terms and Conditions

Big Parkings: Internal Rules apply for Bourse and De Brouckère! As well as Terms and Conditions for Bourse, De Brouckère and Ceria. (§ Use of the parking, and the following)

1. Create your account by clicking on SIGN UP, or log in if you’re already set.

2. Specify up to 3 addresses by using the ADD button.

HOME ADDRESS – We sometimes have to send a key card by post. Whether you are looking for a spot near you or not, specify your home address.

POINT OF INTEREST (POI) – 1 or 2 places to which you go frequently (work, sports, metro stop on a multimodal route, etc.).

3. Click on ASK A SPOT to make a request for a given address.

4. Choose the address and the TYPE of bicycle for which you are looking for a spot.

Confirm, and you’re done!

Parkings within 200 m of your addresses can then be offered to you when a spot becomes available. Use the map to see if there are already parkings where you are looking for a spot.

If not, your addresses are suggestions for new locations! They are mapped to be used for future facilities. But who decides on and who installs new parkings? Read this.

5. You will receive a confirmation by e-mail for each request. You can also check your requests in My Account.

Requests are ranked by date received, with earlier ones receiving priority, in order to form possible waiting lists. If you receive an email offering you a spot in a parking, it means that a spot is available and that it is for you! 

How long will you have to wait?

1. In My Account, you can add members of your family.

N.B.: You remain the sole contact person! (requests, access problems, subscriptions, etc.)

Use this function to manage requests of family members who ride standard size bicycles.

Small children’s’ bicycles are not permitted in the bicycle boxes, P+R and neighborhood lockers.

2. Specify at least the last and first name.

The MoBIB card is optional here.

Some parkings are compatible with MoBIB, and the Big Parkings only work with MoBIB. Read the Big Parkings FAQ.

3. Then add an address to request a parking.

And follow the same steps as for your account: Request a spot, check your requests. See the Instructions on Addresses FAQ.

Nota Bene! The requests and addresses in the main account are not automatically added to Family Accounts.

4. You can check the requests by clicking on the Family Account in question.

⓷ Entering/Exiting Parkings

Watch the video corresponding to your key & doorknob:

Watch the video corresponding to your parking’s doorknob:

Can’t seem to access the parking facility? ⏳ Give it a second chance:

Shut down the Airkey app on your phone… turn Blutooth off, then on again… launch the Airkey app, wake the cylinder up by touching it (a blue light flashes) and start again.

Still not doing it? Please contact us


1. Place the MoBIB card on the card reader 
2. Enter (pedestrian: turnstile, bicycle: gate)
3. Park the bicycle (where you wish) 
4. Lock the bicycle to the anchorage loop on the rack using a bicycle lock
5. Exit the parking

A MoBIB card is required to leave with the bicycle, it is not required to exit without it.

*The BOURSE parking is also accessible to subscribers when the metro station is closed between 1am and 5am: night access is possible only by the stairs equipped with bike tracks on Bd Anspach.


1. Place the MoBIB card on the card reader 
2. Park the bicycle (where you wish) 
3. Lock the bicycle to the anchorage loop on the rack using a bicycle lock
4. Exit the parking

⓸ Maintenance & Security

The parkings/bicycle boxes are communal, and they are not safes.

Each subscriber uses a controlled-access system: key, key card or MoBIB card. This does not mean that the risk of theft or damage is reduced to zero. Should either occur, CycloParking undertakes to respond with appropriate measures and to inform the users of a parking where bicycles have been stolen or damaged. This remains an extremely rare occurrence.

As a general rule, each cyclist should be sure to lock his or her bicycle securely (both wheel and frame to an anchorage point), as explained here, using a good bicycle lock (page in French or Dutch).

Your subscription does not cover risk of theft or damage: notably, because the parkings are communal spaces.

You care about your bicycle?

Always lock it with a good bicycle lock (see Security of the Parkings) Get informed about prevention: on the website of CyCLO… and register your bicycle or bicycles at

Learn about insuring a bicycle: 

From the GRACQ here (page in French) or ProVelo here

If your bicycle is stolen from one of the parkings:

Send us a photo and a description of your bicycle.
We will ask other users of the box to come forward as witnesses, if they have relevant information. 

In all cases of theft:

Report the theft at a police station or online via Police-on-Web.
Consult the website

If the bicycle is registered on, connect to your account there and flag it as “stolen”.

We spend time organizing, preparing and ensuring the regular cleaning and maintenance of the parkings. A field team taking part in a program of socio-professional integration is devoted to this task and you will undoubtedly cross paths with it. 

You use your parking in the same way as a tenant uses an apartment. The parking is yours in a sense: help us to keep it in good condition.

If you notice garbage left in or around the parking:

Please contact Bruxelles Propreté (0800 98 181) or report it on Fix My Street

⓹ What You Need to Know

Your bicycle does not leave the parking (or is not there)?

Or you are prevented from using your spot in a parking or bicycle box for two months or more: whatever the reason, you must give up your spot.

This is a fundamental rule. When you do, the spot that you vacate is rapidly assigned to the next cyclist.

In practice, you contact us and we refund the overpayment (and any possible deposit for your key, key card or other means of access).

You can, of course, request a (new) spot for the address of your choice: go to My Account/Requests.

N.B. If our teams believe that a spot is not being used regularly, measures are taken to verify this and, if necessary, to terminate the subscription in question. Bicycles that look like wrecks are systematically removed!

Help us and contact us if you see a “wreck”!

CycloParking has a regional mission and there is no residency requirement.

To ensure the greatest possible fairness, the assignment of a new spot or a spot being vacated is based on two criteria: the date of the request (earlier requests being given priority) and the walking distance between the address (or point of interest) and the parking*.

* 200 m. max. or (if there are no other requests) 350 m., and finally 500 m. max. (so as not to leave any spots empty).

A place on a waiting list does not give any indication of how long you will have to wait to obtain a spot for your bicycle. There are only waiting lists if a parking is full, and spots open up in a random fashion: the reality is that a cyclist may be at the top of a waiting list and not obtain a spot until six months later or in 5th place and obtain a spot two weeks later (because several spots open up and/or several “better placed” cyclists withdraw their requests, for example).

This is why we do not provide information about the waiting lists.

If you think a parking is being misused or not used at all, contact us and we will try to find a solution.

17 of the 19 sub-municipalities or “communes” of the Brussels-Capital Region already participate in CycloParking: Anderlecht, Auderghem, Berchem-Sainte-Agathe, Etterbeek, Evere, Forest, Ganshoren, Ixelles, Jette, Koekelberg, Molenbeek-Saint-Jean, Saint-Gilles, Schaerbeek, Uccle, the City of Brussels (Ville de Bruxelles), Watermael-Boitsfort and Woluwe-Saint-Pierre. All the bicycle boxes installed on the territory of these sub-municipalities are shown on the map. 

If you are looking for a spot in a bicycle box in Saint-Josse-ten-Noode or Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, you should contact the municipal transportation department (list on the Brulocalis website). CycloParking in dialog with these sub-municipalities to encourage them to join the project.

In addition, more and more private individuals or companies share their parking area on the platform. Free spaces and garages are fully or partially transformed into secured bicycle storage facilities.

The multimodal parkings are located on the boundary of the Brussels Region (Bike & Rides) and in the centre of the city, with direct access to public transport. Although they are sometimes located in sub-municipalities that have not yet joined CycloParking, these regional parkings are developed by and are also available via CycloParking. You will also find them on the map

✨ Open Your Own Parking!

Find a use for an empty space; take part in promoting cycling in your neighborhood; help out and receive compensation in return.

We see nothing but benefits – you too? Then, Post your conditions

It is up to you if you want to offer different price levels (e.g., standard bike vs. cargo bike, if the space allows special bikes to have access): to offer 2 price levels, you can create 2 parkings.

Nota Bene! The platform only serves as a showcase. Your space is visible on the map. When we post your parking, registered cyclists in the vicinity will be notified.

You agree to your email and/or phone number being visible on the site. You manage the resulting relationship with cyclists in your neighborhood yourself.

The price established at the regional level is €5 per month or €60 per year and per bicycle. You are not required to use this price, but be sure to ask for an amount per bicycle that is still reasonable.

Our team verifies your information before posting. cannot be held responsible for any situation that results.

If you have a space that is accessible to bicycles and/or cargo bikes from the street, it is secure (keylock or other means) and is equipped with at least one anchorage point to which a bicycle can be locked, you create your parking on the site and set a price.

What are the characteristics of a good secure bicycle parking?

Access should be secure and only available to authorized persons (key, key card, numerical keypad…).

Users of the parking should not be able to gain entry to other private areas on the same property.

The parking should be easily accessible from a public thoroughfare (sufficient door width, no stairs, etc.).

The parking should have enough anchorage points for users to be able to lock their bicycles.

To improve the convenience for users, the following elements can also be considered:

The anchorage points are high enough to be able to lock both the frame and a wheel to them (bike racks or inverted U).

Arrange the spots in such a way as to leave enough space to handle the bicycles comfortably without banging against other bicycles or the walls.

Provide users the possibility to leave accessories on site (child seats, helmets, saddlebags, bicycle pump, etc.)

Post a little notice of rules and regulations: the space is yours, after all.